Thinking and Knowing.

By Gordana Biernat.

The difference between thinking and knowing is that thinking is a sequential process while knowing is being.

Thinking is an activity in time and it literally requires physical space in your brain. It is based on current beliefs and memories and depends upon gathering and processing information through the passing of time.

Knowing is momentary understanding. It is a phenomenon of direct entanglement beyond time and space with the Quantum Field of Possibilities – All That Is – God. Knowing is instant. It takes no time and uses no space. It is an act of being totally in the now-moment.

Thinking is a brain activity. Knowing is a gut feeling. Thinking is movement. Knowing is stillness. Thinking is the searching “light“. Knowing is the all containing “darkness“. Thinking is yang. Knowing is yin.

Thinking is connected to matter and the physical aspect of Reality. Knowing is connected to spirit and the “no-time/no-space” quantum aspect of Reality.

The symbiosis between the two is YOU.

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  1. Valerie Tanswell
    May 2

    Love this. So simple yet so profound. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. David Arroyo
    May 30

    Grets from Madrid, Spain, a nice report and magnificent blog, wow reading a few articles from you, a thing is surge you’ ve got a humble reader from Madrid.
    Happy weekend… At beck and the call of you

  3. Rob
    August 1

    Hello from Switzerland – like & love what you create and how you look – sometimes
    goes luckily both ways….salute !!!

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