Shine on.

By Gordana Biernat.

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.… (Pink Floyd)

You were perfect long before you were born. And when taking your first deep breath of life, you were a flawless beautiful being, lacking nothing. We all were. Every single one of us. Without exception.

We begin this physical life as luminous, curious, joy seeking children, fragile yet intriguingly fearless, naive yet intuitively wise, dependant yet totally trusting. By the passing of time, our inner pureness, slowly wears down while we become painfully confronted with the lacks, limitations and scarcity manifested by the grown up “outer” world.

In order to “fit in” we intuitively retract our shining core and hide it from harm somewhere deep in the secret chambers of our heart. We quickly learn how to use masks, disguises and “tricks” in order to be seen, heard and acknowledged by others. And when entering adulthood we have become masters at hiding our inner shining being simply by repressing and ignoring it while compulsively conforming our selves to “normal” and to “the others”.

The society we grow up in conditions us to feel inadequate and not good enough and we often think that if “I only learn this, or do that, then I will have a true value”. We focus so much on improvement and on getting better at the wrong things that we gradually pull a veil of forgetfulness tighter and tighter around the incredible divine inherent power we have within. And before we know it we have completely forgotten who we truly are. We become adapted, normal and boringly average.

So, considering how magnificent you were when you were born and considering that you can not be less than that now, then being who you truly are is only a question of recognising your divine self and remembering who you truly are. You are the ground in which your soul has taken root to explore the lightness of itself. The only limitation is your imagination. And the only way to find your divine self is by relentlessly being yourself. You are unique. There is no one like you! You are… one… of a kind.

Exploring this does not have to be hard work. It doesn’t have to take any time or space. No yoga mat required, no mentor needed, no herbs infused. All you need is YOU.

Actually, all you have to do is stop reacting to “outer” noise and start listening to your own “inner” silence to get a clear sound of who YOU are. You don’t need to think, say or do anything. Just relax. Your access to that inner “sound” and power is always there. Waiting patiently for YOU. Just be still. Be still, and see the beauty in the tiniest of things. Recognise love in the smallest of acts and you will automatically align your self with the divine YOU – The shining YOU.

When you align your personality to your soul, your true self will find a way to shine through in every thought you have and in every action you take. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t hide. Don’t pretend. Because in the end, being YOU is what you came here to do. So, lighten up and be delighted! Illuminate yourself and shine!

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.

Shine on you crazy diamond…

Shortcuts to finding your self:

  1. ALWAYS follow your PASSION.
  2. Do what you LOVE.
  3. TRUST your SELF.
  4. ENJOY the process!

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Previously published in “Women in Trade”, January 2015 (“Finding your inner goddess” theme)

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  1. David
    June 7

    Great comments in order to sun and enjoy, a thing os sure, sun and happiness could be a wondrous therapy and perfect motto growing up and listening tunes Pink Floyd and a keepsake could be smiling the sun could be waiting on every street, on every corner .

  2. Donovan
    June 9

    An amazing beautiful post, thank you! The world needs to hear this.

  3. Lemuel logic Mawutornam
    June 15

    Great article. I’m inspired.

  4. Kevin
    September 7

    Beautiful words that will inspire many. Thanks

  5. Julie Smasal
    September 4

    Hello my dear Gordana,
    Do you know I met only one other Gordana and I think its a very beautiful name and you have a ? in writing!!! I do too actually like you i am multi talented and am grateful. For telling people to shine on every single day of their life to spread joy and love and positivity whetever you go!!
    Be your true genuine self if you do you will find no need to put on heirs of any kind! I write and live straight from the heart and share my wisdom wherever i go!!
    I always thought I could add motivational speaker to my many talents but I am knowing that when my book is finally written and published as I know it will be in God’s perfect timing then I will i’m sure share in that way!!! I always send love no matter what!! I was scammed out of $400 last night but if you read all of this to this point you wouldn”t know it because i live with the truth and love and POSITIVITY as my goal in living each moment of every day!! The guy who scammed me said I was teally really nice!! I am still hoping that Ixam wrong and that this guy will wake up to how he does not want to receive karma for this bad decision in his life and that he will work overtime to do the right thing! I BELIEVE MIRACLES HAPPEN THEY HAPPEN EVERY DAY!!! Trademarked and original reply can not be stolen or taken put of context thank you as one day all that I have ever written will ne in my published book!!!!

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