What is Reality? How are we creating it?

By Gordana Biernat.

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the Universe from the smallest particles to galaxies is held together by a vibrating field called The Quantum Field of Possibilities. This field contains everything that has ever existed, is existing now or will ever exist. So, from that perspective, this field is actually All There Is. Its the glue that holds everything together. Some call this field “Information” and some call it pure “Consciousness“. No matter what we choose to name it, we are connected to it through our own consciousness.

Everything you encounter in your life has its beginning in the connection between your unique mind and this conscious field of possibilities. Events, things and situations in your Reality always have their beginning in the quantum realm as particles or energy waves. They start out as neutral ”containers” seeking your attention.

Let me simplify it a little; imagine the Quantum Field of Possibilities as a big ”toy-box” and yourself as the one choosing which ”toys” you want to play with. Your focused awareness is the searchlight illuminating the toys you choose.

The toy, in Reality a thing or a situation, ”hangs around” in the Quantum Field ”toy-box” waiting for you to notice it. The minute you ”perceive” the situation, your chosen ”toy”, you attract it to you. You ”look” at it through your unique focus point of consciousness and you fill it with, what for you seems as, appropriate content. This is a very simplified model of how the creation of Reality works on a quantum level.

To make another analogy, our thoughts are the seeds and the quantum field is the soil in which we plant them. The garden is the Reality we are perceiving.

The Quantum field is reflecting back at you exactly what you are putting out.

Understanding this gives you the power to change what you do not want in your reality by changing the way you think and feel about things.

Now, that knowledge is really POWERFUL. Although, knowing that you are the creator of your own Reality makes you accountable for your own wellbeing, it also liberates you from being a victim and thus truly sets you FREE.

You are the ONE in charge of your life! Only you have the power to change what you want to change. No need to wait around for somebody else to do it for you. No need to ask for permission. NO NEED, because you already have everything you will ever need! All you have to do is focus your MIND on what “toys” YOU want to “play” with in your Reality.

It’s really profound knowledge.

It should be something we share with our kids!

It’s as simple as that!

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What is Reality? How are we creating it?

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  1. Sheree
    January 13

    This was a great way to illustrate and summarize this. Thank you 🙂

    Sometimes I think we miss the importance of *accepting* our pasts and/or welcoming vulnerabilty and shame to then be able to move forward *with* them. They will always affect our present. Unless one has memory loss, they can’t not, right? But accepting them and ultimately ourselves is key. 🙂

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