Perfect imperfections.

By Gordana Biernat.

Many of us walk on Earth with a persistent feeling of being incomplete. It’s almost as if we were lacking a vital part responsible for our happiness and wellbeing. If we only could find this missing piece, then and only then would we be happy and the “puzzle” complete, then and only then would we be able to feel accomplished and fulfilled, then and only then would we be able to feel the joy of who we truly are.

So we keep on looking and looking. Lifetime after lifetime.

Never, not even for a quantum amount of time, do we stop and consider this; What if, this “lackness” we have been conditioned to define as a defect and shortage in ourselves, actually is an advantage and an essential part of being in a human body? What if this “incompleteness” actually just is an “opening” in something initially perfectly complete? What if this opening, this “crack” in our perception of our selves actually is an opportunity, a chance given to us so we can stay OPEN to new experiences and learn more?

I mean, if you were complete, that is whole, full, closed, finished and done, then what would be the purpose of exploring this physical life? Why would you be here?

You are not here to suffer from being “imperfect” and “incomplete”. You are here to ENJOY all your perfect imperfections. You are here to expand All That Is with your explorations in time and space. So, consider being incomplete as good for you. It means that you are OPEN to change and OPEN to new experiences. You are under constant construction. We all are. Embrace it.

Leonard Cohen once said “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light comes in.” Cherish your longing for completeness for it is the driving force in your LIFE.

Enjoy your perfect imperfections and let the light come in!

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