Where do negative thoughts originate from?

By Gordana Biernat.

Are you willing to explore unknown territory in order to become who you truly are, by daring to ask yourself uncomfortable questions?

A couple of days ago I was asked an intriguing question which I think many of us would like to explore.

“I’ve been on the journey of self-discovery most of my life; never taking status quo as the way. If there was a way to go upstream I’ve always found it….

…I’ve been “awakened” all of a sudden to recognize that regardless of how hard I’ve tried, all these years, to direct my thoughts, my thoughts seem to have been directing me, and not in a way that I would have ever imagined. If I look closely, my subconscious seems to be driven by fear and negativity; regardless of how much I try to focus on positivity.

Where do these negative thoughts originate from?”

What caught my attention is the way the “drive” to be different is described and the battle between positive and negative thoughts, but also the result of that struggle – the subconscious mind being driven by fear…

I think many of us can relate to this and in order to answer the question I need to propose some of my thoughts about reality to you first.

We have, the way I see it, chosen to explore physical life in a reality based on polarities. This basically means that there is an equal amount of +/-, light/darkness, love/fear balancing as possibilities waiting for “awareness” to choose them from the infinite Quantum Field. The tricky part is that what our awareness “chooses” isn’t always based on our thoughts and our “strong will”, but rather on our true intention and deepest beliefs about ourselves and our reality.

We are beings made of vibrating energy, as is everything else in our Universe, so the only “thing” differentiating you from me or sand from water is the vibrational frequency. Every thought, emotion or thing has its own unique frequency. For example: Love is a higher frequency than fear.

So, what has that to do with our question?

Well everything, because how this “mechanism-of-reality-creating” works is – what you put out is what you get back – your frequency is mirrored back to you by the Quantum Field. And the Quantum Field does not make mistakes. It unconditionally reflects back to you a perfect match.

In other words, it is our innermost intentions that set the frequency of our being which is then perfectly matched by the Quantum Field and perceived by us as solid reality, things, relationships, circumstances, thoughts and feelings.

The “invitation” to negative thoughts comes from the “struggle” because struggle sets us in a frequency equal to negativity and worry, which summoned up in one word is FEAR. It is the opposing force to LOVE and to everything we strive for by “working hard”.

We are conditioned by society and western culture to believe that we will not “go anywhere in life” unless we work hard. So, there is a misconception in our current belief systems regarding what it takes to be successful. It implies that without struggle there can be no results. As the saying goes “no pain, no gain“. We think that it is good to fight oneself “upstream”, because it differentiates us from “the rest”, but in my way of thinking it actually is the other way around. Literally speaking.

In order to differentiate YOU from the rest, you need to relax and go WITH the flow in the river of life. Because everyone else is “doing their best“, “working hard” or “pouring their hearts out” in order to stay where they are by clinging on to a branch or a rock. The ones that really believe in the idea of “hard work always pays off” even force themselves to move up the stream. This is an action that will use up a lot of energy while keeping you in a constant “fighting-the-flow-mode”. What it won’t do is get you to the relaxed, positive and calm “place” you are looking for upstream…

Consider this, in order to establish a flow from your higher self which is an ocean of unconditional love, compassion, expansion and self love, YOU need to match THAT frequency. Struggle is a much lower frequency than your core. The negative thoughts are just reminders that you should change your frequency. They are actually telling you that you are out of alignment with your true self and that you need to:

        Control and act less,
        relax and observe more.

Trust your self. Let go of the branches and rocks. Stop waisting your time struggling upstreams. Go with the flow. What you will find down the stream is YOU.

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  1. David
    May 30

    A nice article about ourselves, when you’re triying to know more about you, a trip could be a great option, Aussie land was a new experience to me as wondrous experiences with abos and love moments with muy dad, unfortunately he’s victim from a cruel disease called Alzheimer. We ‘re living in the wasting land of freedom and mother nature keepsake to me time ago.

  2. rajiv tripathi
    June 2

    wonder thoughts.none likes to be jobless and poor still many are jobless and poor.perhaps these are incapable to move upstream/downstream.they need some third hand to swing.till then they shall stagnate.
    napolean hill had talked about ‘master mind group’ for success compaign.only few have mentors if they are in stucked state. its also fact that greats always tread alone and without guides.

    world problems be always there.its nice to have people like you in urge to find some strong track to allievate misery.

    my best wishes for your igniting thoughts and vision with will to make life excellent.

  3. Terry Ann Brown
    October 12

    I really love this article.I have always believed in circumstances makes us who we are.Therefore if one constantly struggles, they will always be (depress) which is indeed the alignment of your existence needing of deep rest.Society has always got us in a controlled state from the moment we took on the earthly agreement for this experience.Whilst in the mothers womb our mother had to constantly be going to them trusting and relying on their validations rather than inner instinct.After birth,we are then placed in a mini prison training camp,constructing our mindstate to perfectly interlink with their agenda.You study pythagaros theory rather developing and recognising our own.Then we are condition to comply to their educational rule,you will not get a job unless you are a university graduate. By the time you complete university embarking on your so called independency you by then would have accumulated a vast amount of debt then you work hard to get a mortgage for a house you very hardly live in because you have to be working hard to get the money to be paying for the sustainanice of it then you die and leave it.Vahhlaahhh the American dream.The uplifment of humanity.Sad real sad

  4. Salman Ibn Selim Ibrahim
    November 29

    The negative thoughts are just reminders that you should change your frequency. They are actually telling you that you are out of alignment with your true self and that you need to:
    Control and act less,
    relax and observe more.
    Equal to theory of Sufism !!!!! it is said by Rumi in the book of mathnawi e manawi.

    Nice really .

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