When YOU choose to change, EVERYTHING changes.

By Gordana Biernat.

Do you believe that most people are ignorant, that you have to struggle to survive or that you are not worthy of abundance? Then that is the negative outcome that is and will be manifesting in your immediate Reality. If your life is not what you want it to be or if you only encounter obstacles, you seriously need to review your beliefs about some common, seemingly solid, unquestioned “truths”. Actually, if you want to make a change in your Reality, examining your beliefs (truths) should be your number one on the “to do list”.

So then, what is a limiting belief and how do you find and eliminate it?

You are processing information through your mind about your Reality all the time. Since thoughts radiate electromagnetic energy and a belief is a conglomeration of many repetitive thoughts, a greater electromagnetic energy is being transmitted from the belief. As a result a belief attracts and accumulates other thoughts and emotions of the same vibrational frequency. Left unattended, a negative belief grows stronger, gains power and solidifies itself perpetually. To stop it from overpowering your perception of Reality you must consciously choose to change the vibrational frequency of your thoughts and emotions by starting to question the validity of every limiting belief.

Everything in your Reality that drains you of power or energy is, from start, based on FALSE perceptions and FALSE beliefs. Things that make you feel unworthy, powerless or frightened are all generated by limiting beliefs keeping you imprisoned in your own mind.

A limiting belief:

1. Leaves you feeling unworthy and small.

2. Triggers fear and worry.

3. Disguises as a true aspect of Reality.

Beliefs are rooted in emotions or imagination. They are seldom purely intellectual. So if you want to change the beliefs behind your thoughts and actions you have to examine the feelings that are accompanying them and the imaginative ideas that keeps reinforcing them. Limiting beliefs ALWAYS hide behind negative draining feelings about yourself.

You cannot change your beliefs as long as you accept them as “solid” Reality outside of yourself. You have to first understand that you are creating everything in your reality based on what you believe to be true to you. What you believe you perceive, but beliefs are only ideas and viewpoints about how reality is structured and how it works. They are not written in stone. They can be altered, changed, modified, erased, replaced or amplified. All you have to do is see the illusion behind the belief.

The same goes for your Reality. It manifests your deepest thoughts and strongest beliefs about yourself. When you change a belief, you change your perspective and thus your point of view. Since YOU are the observer and creator of your Reality, it has no other option but to change according to the viewpoint YOU CHOOSE.

When YOU choose to change, your Reality must change correspondingly. It simply has no other choice.

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