1. Namaste Gordana, I wish that you offered a periodic email newsletter containing one ir more of the wisdom items from MyPowertalk, and rhe link to your Twitter profile. Such a periodic newsletter would be a handy means by which to stay current with your priceless higher thought insights. Thanks for considering this feedback from a huge fan and student.

  2. Denise Dominguez
    August 12

    Hi Gordana,
    I am putting together an online interview series/summit and I’d like you to be a guest speaker. We are talking about being authentic and what that means. Each interview will only run 20/30 mins long at most. Launch date is Oct 3rd 2016 and the promo dates are Sept 19th-30th. We are not stopping there! Next year we are taking this online event LIVE on the road. First stop Toronto, Canada and ending this in Europe. Would you be interested in speaking on this topic? if so please let me know. I would LOVE to have you on the panel of experts:)

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