How to start shaping your Reality consciously.

By Gordana Biernat.

Since we are constantly creating our own reality, the least we can do is start being observant of what we are creating. You can not perceive something you do not believe.

So, for a starter we need to examine our beliefs about our Reality and ourselves and we have to change the “truths” that are not working for us. You can start NOW by asking questions; Why..? Is it really so..? How come..? What if..? to the most basic things in your life and see what happens.

Question your “truths” about ageing, work, relations, money, body, and yourself and Reality will change accordingly. After all, they are just beliefs. You can change them anytime you want. Since you are a perfect reflection of what you believe, your Reality will mirror that.

It’s simple!

All we have to do is stop being afraid our own power and of change. So start examining your beliefs. Keep the good ones and get rid of the rest!

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  1. Gilbert Nicholas Mitchell
    July 20

    I love this post.
    Around the beginning of the year later decided that 2015 was going to be my breakout year. That point in time where in future years l’ll be able to look back and say that was where l changed the direction l was going in. But l also knew that whatever like did had to come from a fundamental change of mindset.
    In short the results have been mind blowing. I see the future as my playground of possibilities. I feel like a jedi?.
    I love your site. Keep the great stuff coming.

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