Change is the only constant. Everything else is in constant change.

By Gordana Biernat.

We are in a dynamic relationship with everything around us, exchanging energies with our environment all the time. For instance, on a quantum level of existence the difference between YOU and ME are just the COORDINATES of our atoms. Everything in our reality is in constant motion, vibrating, merging, separating and changing. The only thing fixed and standing still is YOU and your point of observation. You are the stillness experiencing change. You are not in motion, everything else is. All the time. In infinity.

Change is the only constant and everything else is in constant change. It is therefore not a question IMPLEMENTING or MAKING change, it is rather a question of ALLOWING it to move naturally and freely. The dominant perspective promoted by corporations and organisations today is about making or causing change. The way we use our words here indicate on a subconscious level that a force is required and that an action is necessary. Since nobody likes to feel “forced into action and movement”, this way of looking at change and speaking of it creates resistance and involuntary inertia in the process.

If we switch perspective and view our selves as the ones standing still and change as the natural and inevitable part of everything it actually is, a prevailing state in nature by the way, change becomes a question of ALLOWING it to happen rather than MAKING it happen.

MAKING change forces you to act. ALLOWING change gives you time to accept and embrace it.

Leaders who understand the subtle, yet tremendously powerful, energies on a quantum level know intuitively that it is all about boosting a culture of ALLOWING. Allowing “failure” boosts creativity. Creativity allows imagination to play freely which inevitably allows CHANGE to simply happen.

So, if we want change to emerge smoothly we have to understand the subtle energies that carry change and embrace them with confidence and trust because TRUST is what THRUSTS the wave of CHANGE.

From a psychological perspective, we are the ones creating our own reality by how we perceive it. But also on a more physical level, quantum physics tells us that, to exist our reality needs an observer – an observer who choses what he/she wants to perceive. So in other words, what we choose to perceive, we create.

Change is constant but we are the ones choosing the quality of that change. And that means that it is up to us. It’s about what we choose. We can’t avoid the change but we sure can point it in the “right” direction. Knowing one self, trusting one self, interacting honestly with others, looking for solutions and always seeing the best in others is a good way of starting an avalanche of positive change without even trying.

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