YOU are your BIGGEST asset.

By Gordana Biernat.

YOU are your BIGGEST asset. Most of us actually don’t acknowledge this. We are conditioned to feel inadequate and not good enough and we often think that if “I only learn this, or do that, then I will have a true value”. We focus so much on improvement and on getting better at the wrong things that we don’t even notice the incredible resources we have within. We have become masters at wasting our inner resources simply by repressing and ignoring them in the process of compulsively conforming our selves to “normal”.

Trying to be normal by doing things you don’t enjoy, but feel you have to do, only makes you feel “straightjacketed” and powerless. Did you know that You literally vibrate inertia & procrastination into existence when you ignore your SELF and your passions? To change frequency and free yourself from stagnation, you have to start doing NOW what you LOVE to do, otherwise your true skills and talents will stay in your future FOREVER.

YOU are your BIGGEST asset so start exploring who YOU are, what YOU want and where YOU are going NOW! This is really serious business. If you don’t know WHO you are, how will you know WHAT you want? If you do not know what you want how will you know when you have received it? So you see, knowing your SELF is essential for your entire BEING.

Exploring your SELF and your inner resources is not hard work. It doesn’t take any time or space and it fills you with vital energy and instant POWER. No yoga mat required, no mentor needed, no herbs infused. All you need is YOU.

Actually, all you have to do is stop reacting to “outer” noise and start listening to your own “inner” silence to get a clear sound of who YOU are. You don’t need to think, say or do anything. Just RELAX. Your access to that inner sound and POWER is always there. Waiting patiently for YOU. Be still. Enter your PowerZone.

A fun and easy but very effective way of exploring your PowerZone and who you are is creative IMAGINATION. Visualisation & daydreaming come as abundant supply of FREE tools from a never ending source – YOU. Start daydreaming about the things you LOVE in your Reality. Send pictures to your brain of what you enjoy doing, of things that excite you and of who you want to become. You create your own reality by what you BELIEVE about it, so use your imagination to mould, sculpture & paint an image of who YOU truly are.

Use your INNER resources to change your OUTER Reality. I can not write this LOUD enough! USE YOUR RESOURCES!

When you daydream you imagine your own creation by making an IMAGE in the present of who you are in the future. In a daydream you can persistently explore who you are and what you want in your Reality so imagine yourself being the best you in every NOW-moment and you will effortlessly change your IMAGE frame by frame.
YOU are your BIGGEST asset, thus exploring who YOU are is fundamental. You are the ground in which your Soul has taken root to explore the lightness of itself. The ONLY limitation is your imagination.

So, lighten up! Play! Ask questions. Enjoy being You, because after all, BEING YOU is what you came here to do.

It is as simple as that!

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  1. LadyElenaUK
    August 22

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading this. A reminder that we have a lot of untapped power/resources within us.
    I wanted to share it, but the pages have no separate link addresses. Every page is

    I have been following you for a while on Twitter.
    Thanks for shining your light, so people can see past negativity and live a fulfilled life, as well as being a blessing to others..
    ~ Elena

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